Who we Are...

Salt Bricks is a brand - providing the Premium Quality Wholesale Himalayan Salt Bricks, Salt Tiles and different sizes of Salt Blocks. We distribute building material to design and build classical Himalayan Salt Walls and Rooms. We import unique sizes of salt blocks from our Factory in Pakistan and made available here in USA and Canada by means of our showrooms.

  • Himalayan Salt Blocks Bricks - Salt Bricks

    Himalayan Salt Bricks

  • Himalayan Salt Adhesive - Salt Bricks

    Salt Adhesive

  • Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall for interior - Salt Bricks

    Salt Wall Design

Why People Love to build Himalayan Salt Wall

Himalayan Salt Wall is a unique and organic way of getting maximum benefits. It decors the Home or work place wherever it is built. Himalayan Salt Purifies the air and provide fresh breathe. The Salt Therapy kills the allergies, boosts immune system, detoxify the body from toxins, and calms the nervous system.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Purify Air - Salt Bricks

    Purify Air

    Emission of certains ions from Himalayan Salt Bricks Purify Air. It makes the anti-bacterial environment and promotes healthy environment.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Energy Boost - Salt Bricks

    Energy Booster

    Intake of Himalayan Salt increases the rate of metabolic process in your body, which in return gives you energy.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Calms Nervous System - Salt Bricks

    Calms Nervous System

    Himalayan Salt is enriched with nutrients. So it controls blood pressure and balances pH level. In result you gain a relaxation and improved sleep.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt balances pH - Salt Bricks

    Perfect pH Balance

    Himalayan salt has a low sodium level as compared to regular table salt. This helps to keep balanced pH and electrolyte in your food. So cooking food on salt blocks will be a healthy addition.