Salt Bricks

Salt Bricks is a brand - providing the Premium Quality of Wholesale Himalayan Salt Bricks, Salt Tiles and different sizes of Salt Blocks. We are pleased to provide a wide and unique variety of Himalayan Salt Bricks. The unique building material with multiple sizes of salt bricks help to design and build classical Himalayan Salt Walls and Rooms. We import unique sizes of salt blocks from our Factory in Pakistan and made available here in USA by means of our showrooms.

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    Himalayan Salt Bricks

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    Salt Adhesive

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    Salt Wall Designs

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    Salt Cooking Blocks

Why People Love to build Salt Wall

Himalayan Salt Wall is a unique and organic way of getting maximum benefits. It decors the Home or work place wherever it is built. Himalayan Salt Purifies the air and provide fresh breathe. The Salt Therapy kills the allergies, boosts immune system, detoxify the body from toxins, and calms the nervous system.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Purify Air - Salt Bricks

    Purify Air

    The Emission of certain negative ions Purifies Air. Makes good environment.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Energy Boost - Salt Bricks

    Energy Booster

    Himalayan Salt Intake boosts metabolic process and gives enregy.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Calms Nervous System - Salt Bricks

    Calms Nervous System

    Controls blood pressure and pH level and gives relaxation.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt balances pH - Salt Bricks

    Perfect pH Balance

    Low sodium helps to keep balanced pH and electrolyte.

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Himalayan Salt Wall for Spa

info about

Himalayan Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is an alternate meditation that includes breathing in drug-grade dry salt within a controlled, agreeable climate. When you take a load of a unique clinical gadget called a halo-generator will scatter infinitesimal salt particles within the room and breathe in these little particles profound into your lungs and aviation routes. They will also arrive upon your skin.

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Himalayan Pink salt wall

Why and where to build

Himalayan Salt Wall

Building Himalayan Salt Wall in any room release the stress, relax the body and sweating off impurities from the body. When light lits behind the salt wall, it gives an amazing look which calms your nervous system as Chromotherapy does.

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

An incredible Experience with

Himalayan Salt Cooking

Himalayan salt cooking block gives an amazing experience filled with enjoyment, excitement, and innovation. You can now grill your fish, seafood and many more things by preheating the grill pan/oven, placing Himalayan salt cooking block on it, and heating each side of fish for up to 8 to 10 minutes. With its numerous benefits

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