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Dry Aging Salt Bricks Wall (20 Sq Ft)

Dry Aging Salt Bricks Wall (20 Sq Ft)

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Himalayan Pink Salt

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These Himalayan salt bricks are used to construct a salt wall for the dry aging of the meat. In this pack, you will get 100 Himalayan salt bricks that have a Length of 8 inches, Width of 4 inches, Height of 2 inches, and weighs 5.5 Pounds.

Several tasks are carried out for the meat by the salt walls:

  1. Lowering humidity - To prevent the meat from rotting too quickly, the air in the room needs to be very dry. Because of this, we can keep it in this room without any rot for such a long time.
  2. Salt destroys bacteria thanks to its antimicrobial characteristics! This salt wall prevents germs from growing as quickly because of the salt in the environment.
  3. Tenderising - The salt actually works to make the meat more tender. It encourages the breakdown of some meat proteins, making the flesh more tender and juicy to consume.

Our beef is dry-aged over a minimum of 28 days (most items are dry-aged over a minimum of 35 days).
At least 28 days are required for the dry-aging of our meat, while most of it is dry-aged for 35 days and some for even longer. We age the meat in our cutting-edge dry-aging room using a salt wall, dehumidifiers, and a variety of other ingenious methods to achieve the flavor and texture we desire.