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Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate - 12" x 8" x 1.5"

Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate - 12" x 8" x 1.5"

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Himalayan Pink Salt

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Adding a unique product in the Kitchen is always good. Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate is the best product for the Kitchen. It is available in different dimensions. Actually, when we acquire the raw material of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt from the cave, our special labor crafts it into standard sizes. This salt cooking plate possesses the standard size for cooking. Cooking on the Salt blocks prevents food from overcooking fast. Himalayan Salt Blocks are now very popular to use for cutting, grilling, baking, and serving a variety of food. Food serving includes meats, fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, scones, baked goods, etc. Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate equally distributes the heat to the surface of the plate. So it cooks food relatively faster. There would be an addition of salt in the food but it will not make your food very salty, but give you an amazing and unique flavor.

A question comes to mind what foods we can cook on a Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate? The answer is there are multiple food items that you can cook or grill on the Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate. For example, a variety of meats, Fish steaks, Bakery Items, Vegetables, Sea Food & Much More. You have to utilize this salt cooking plate for cooking after heating it slowly and properly. Always make sure that you preheat the salt cooking plate and then put it in the oven or stove. Overheating the salt cooking plate can explode it. So you need to heat it in the oven or stove up to 200°F and then raise the temperature gradually until it becomes fully heated and ready to cook. You should not change the side of the salt cooking plate. You should always Cook on the same side. To clean the Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate you just need a soft brush to scrap stubborn areas.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate has many health benefits as it imparts many nutrients and healing properties into the food. This is the reason we say salt cooking plate makes the food appetizing and healthy. Laboratory tests have proven that it contains more than 84 trace elements that the human body needs. Cooking on a salt block will give you healthy nutritious food. This will boost your energy and will make you active. Because salt will improve the metabolic process and your body will get energy. Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate develops the best and most irresistible flavor. As compared to regular table salt it has a low level of sodium in it and helps to maintain the pH level and electrolytes in your food. We take good care of it and keep it covered with shrink wrap. That's why there is no exposure to dirt or pollutants. The food on the Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate gives hygienically safe food. Because that food gets many detoxifying properties from the salt cooking plate and helps the body to draw out harmful toxins. It improves digestion, pH level, immunity, etc.

After covering it with the shrink-wrap we put it in a hard carton to keep it safe. We always ensure safe shipments to the customers. This Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate has 12 inches in Length, 8 inches in Width, and 1.5 inches in Thickness. The weight of this plate would be just 12.1 pounds. Because of these all dimensions, we consider it a standard size salt cooking plate. Because the shorter thickness can easily crack or shatter when heat will touch it.