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Animal Licking Salt Blocks

Animal Licking Salt Blocks


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  • We made an Animal licking salt block with pure and Natural Himalayan pink rock salt.
  • These licking salt blocks have a rectangular shape with the dimensions of 8" Length, 4" Width, and 2" thickness (Height).
  • You can put these Himalayan salt blocks into the holder or on the ground. So that Animals can lick this mineral salt block.
  • We designed it exclusively to provide a healthy snack for the animals that lick mineral salt in order to fulfill their nutritional needs.
  • These salt blocks for animal host an array of health benefits for animals. As they consist of natural minerals -enriched Himalayan pink salt.
  • These blocks possess 84 minerals contents which are extremely essential for the growth and well-being of animals.
  • A high amount of calcium in these mineral salt licking blocks makes the animals muscular and physically strong.
  • Salt licking blocks prevent animals from having abnormal cravings like eating mud by properly fulfilling their nutritious needs.
  • With the licking of salt blocks, animal magically increases milk production by giving them the necessary minerals in their diet.
  • Himalayan licking salt improves cattle's digestion naturally and helps them perform better.
  • We designed these licking blocks to be durable and animal-friendly. As they have a smooth surface that helps the animal tongue to lick.
  • These 2 licking salt blocks weigh just 10 Pounds.
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