Collection: Wholesale Himalayan Salt Bricks

We design Himalayan Salt Bricks into standard sizes for various purposes. There are multiple uses of these Salt Bricks to build Himalayan Salt Wall for Holistic Health in Health Spa Centers, Asthma Centers, Yoga Rooms, and Therapeutic Salt Chambers. It is good to use them for healthful interior designing and home improvement. Along with an alluring look, Himalayan Salt Bricks contains essential minerals and generates negative ions which help to make a healthy environment and produce healing effects. They Purify Air and make breathing easy. Here we make different packs of Salt Bricks use them easily for various purposes.
As these salt bricks have many health and design uses. We strive to sell them in bulk. Our wholesale salt bricks prices are very competitive and the best deal for bulk salt bricks. Choose the package that suits you for your coverage area of the salt wall.