Why to use Himalayan Salt Bricks for Chromotherapy?

With the new innovations in medical science during the past few years, chromotherapy or color therapy is now used extensively to treat different kinds of ailments such as inflammation, joint pain, body swelling, sore muscles, and burns. Using different colors like red, yellow, white, orange, green, and violet, the patients are relieved of their illnesses through electromagnetic bath. Among different methods and techniques applied in chromotherapy, the use of Himalayan Salt Bricks is considered to be the most effective and beneficial way to cure diseases with minimal side effects. Pink or Himalayan Salt Bricks are believed to be miraculous products possessing countless physical and psychological health benefits including providing relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), reducing pain in muscles, joints, and neck, decreasing the signs of aging from face, and improving circulation of blood within the body. Due to these immense benefits, Himalayan Salt Bricks have gained immense popularity in the world of medicine within the last few years.

Treatment Procedure with Himalayan Salt Bricks

salt chromotherapy room -salt bricks

Himalayan Salt Bricks are used to cure fatal diseases by creating Pink Himalayan Salt Wall in a room for chromotherapy. It is believed that unprocessed Himalayan Salt Bricks contain huge amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, and bromine which provides the patient’s body with a powerful nutrient boost once chromotherapy is completed. During chromotherapy, the pure Pink Himalayan Salt Bricks neutralize electromagnetic frequencies by charging the water molecules in the treatment room to relieve the patients from stress, insomnia, and other chronic sufferings. With the salt-infused air present inside the treatment room, Himalayan Salt Bricks significantly contribute to provide beneficial minerals to the ill body and its nervous system releasing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal positive energies within the room to ease the pain of the ailing patient.

Colors used in Chromotherapy

salt chromotherapy 2 -salt bricks

Chromotherapy is done using different kinds of colors to cure the sick individuals without causing serious and harmful side effects. Each color used in chromotherapy including red, white, green, yellow, violet, orange, or blue possesses unique abilities to cure different kinds of diseases providing permanent and long-lasting relief to the ailing body.


The use of red color in chromotherapy:
• Enhances one’s physical energy
• Increases libido
• Helps in proper circulation of blood within the body
• Treats joint pain, inflammation, and swelling of body
• Improves sense of hearing, sight, and smell


When used in chromotherapy, the orange color:
• Improves the functioning of kidneys and lungs
• Strengthens one’s immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cells to fight off various ailments
• Assists in digesting food easily
• Keeps a person happy and satisfied by increasing cheerful emotions
• Helps with muscle spasms


The inclusion of violet color in chromotherapy:
• Creates positive mindset by increasing self-esteem and self-confidence
• Improves spiritual health of an individual
• Strengthens the functioning of nervous system
• Controls one’s hunger pangs
• Reduces depression, stress, and anxiety


Using blue color in chromotherapy:
• Provides relief from bodily pain
• Soothes one’s anger, frustration, and agitation
• Cures severe headaches and persistent migraines
• Lowers fever and maintains body temperature
• Reduces teenage acne, wrinkles, and stretch marks from face


Including yellow color in chromotherapy:
• Enhances one’s mental and cognitive abilities and concentration
• Relieves from breathing and respiratory ailments
• Provides cure from muscle pain and inflammation of body
• Develops optimistic thoughts among the patients suffering from chronic depression for years
• Increases skin elasticity by reducing the signs and symptoms of anti-aging


Doing chromotherapy with white color:
• Increases the levels of Vitamin D among the vitamin deficient patients
• Provides relief from aging by decreasing the amount of wrinkles and fine lines from face
• Helps in closing open pores on skin by reducing their size
• Enhances harmony and peace in one’s life by inducing positive thoughts
• Provides quick healing and recovery in case of injury or wounds


The use of green color in chromotherapy:
• Helps one in controlling extreme emotions of anger, love, and joy
• Speeds up skin repairing process by controlling aging
• Provides relief from hormonal imbalance
• Improves the functioning of stomach, liver, and lungs
• Assists in controlling high blood pressure

With their unique and long-lasting abilities to cure chronic ailments, all these colors play a vital role in strengthening one’s mind, body, and soul through the process of chromotherapy with Himalayan Salt Bricks.

Recent Improvisations in Chromotherapy

Although chromotherapy is an ancient and primitive traditional method to cure various fatal diseases with minimal side effects, the recent improvisations in this medical procedure has increased its usage manifold. Some of the recent techniques of chromotherapy using Himalayan Salt Bricks are:

1. Light Therapy

Despite proving its value and worth as a historical source of healing, the new improvisations in light therapy like the use of Himalayan Salt Bricks and the creation of separate LED rooms for chronic patients have encouraged the medical experts and renowned hospitals to apply this therapeutic technique within their vicinities. The recent results of innovative light therapy methods such as full-spectrum therapy, ultraviolet treatment, and laser light procedure reveal extremely positive statistics curing chronic pain, depression, and autoimmune diseases with the help of Himalayan Salt Bricks.

2. Halotherapy / Dry Salt Therapy

With the use of Himalayan Salt Bricks in halotherapy, the negative effects of electromagnetic rays are reduced to a significant level permanently relieving patients of the dangerous side effects of chromotherapy. The recent improvisations in halotherapy including the creation of separate Pink Himalayan Salt Wall in a specific room for the patients, the infusion of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oxygen in the treatment rooms, and making the salt wall in particular room anti-allergic for the allergy patients have played a vital role in curing chronic ailments like prolonged stress, persistent aches, and fatal diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s.

salt chromotherapy 1 -salt bricks

With their numerous medical benefits and minimum side effects, Himalayan Salt Bricks are now preferred for chromotherapy in all major healthcare centers of the world. If you or your loved ones are suffering from a chronic illness causing havoc in your life, go for chromotherapy at your earliest and get instant relief from the overwhelming ailment using purified anti-inflammatory Himalayan Salt Bricks to lead a happy and healthy life.

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