Grilling Fish on Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

With the recent creation and discovery of new techniques in cooking and grilling, preparing scrumptious and delicate recipes has become easier, simpler, and less tiresome in the contemporary fast-paced day and age. Among various innovations in cooking methodologies, grilling fish on Himalayan salt cooking block is one of the most enjoyable and artistic ways to prepare delicious fish in no time. The excessive usage of Himalayan salt bricks during the last few years in chromotherapy and as Himalayan salt lamps to cure fatal diseases and maintain a peaceful environment, the people are now persuaded to try out Himalayan salt cooking block for grilling and making tasty meals on daily basis.

What is a Himalayan Salt Cooking Block?

We all are aware of Himalayan pink salt and its usage and benefits; however,

Salt Cooking Plate - Salt Bricks

many of us are still not familiar with the use of Himalayan salt as a cooking block in our kitchens, restaurants, and other eateries. A Himalayan salt block is a large slab of Himalayan pink salt carved and designed specifically for eating purposes. Coming in various shapes and sizes, the Himalayan salt block is widely used for cooking, grilling, chilling, and presenting delectable food to the family, friends, and guests in homes and hotels. Primitive in nature, the Himalayan salt cooking block is made from the unrefined, pure, and raw pink salt extracted from 250 million years old Himalayan Mountains present in the world. Due to the presence of minerals, potassium, and calcium in Himalayan pink salt, it has more cooking benefits as compared to the ordinary table salt.

Method of Grilling Fish on Himalayan Salt Block 

The entire procedure of grilling fish on a Himalayan salt cooking block is very simple and easy taking only 10 to 20 minutes to prepare a delicious and tasty fish liked by everyone. Some famous types of fish grilled by people using Himalayan salt block include trout, salmon, and catfish. The method of grilling fish on Himalayan salt block requires:

  • Preheating the grill pan in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 to 40 minutes. 
  • Placing a metal rack inside the oven.
  • Setting the Himalayan salt block directly on top of the metal rack or grill (Aluminum foil or parchment paper can also be used instead of metal rack).
  • There is no need to use oil or butter while grilling the fish on Himalayan salt block as it does not allow the fish to stick to it like other ordinary pots and pans.
  • Grill the fish until it turns pink by absorbing the slight pinkish hue of the Himalayan salt block. 
  • When the fish turns tender and flaky, remove it from the Himalayan salt block. 
  • For perfection and deliciousness, grill each side of fish for up to 8 to 10 minutes. 
  • If the fish fillet is thin, place it directly on the Himalayan salt block to enhance its flavors and aroma.

In case it is a thick fish fillet, do not forget to peel off or scale the skin before grilling to allow even heat distribution on both sides of the fish.

  • Serve the juicy, tender, and scrumptious salmon, trout, or catfish with additional seasonings and vegetables to earn applause from your guests.
  • After grilling the fish, there is no need to wash the Himalayan salt cooking block thoroughly like ordinary utensils because its naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial surface will cleanse itself automatically after usage. You can only wipe the Himalayan salt block with a damp piece of cloth or towel to use it next time for grilling your favorite fish.
  • Remember to share the secret method of grilling fish on a Himalayan salt cooking block with others to encourage people into using this innovative technique.
Fish grilling on salt cooking slab - Salt Bricks

    Benefits of Grilling Fish on Himalayan Salt Block

    As opposed to preparing fish with ordinary table salt (sodium chloride), grilling fish on Himalayan salt block is beneficial for health. As it not only saves people from high blood pressure but also enhances the taste and aroma of their favorite fish. Some major benefits of grilling fish using Himalayan salt block include:

    • Because Himalayan salt cooking blocks are extremely heat resistant, they can be easily used on both high and low temperatures by distributing the heat evenly all across the fish.
    • If you cook or grill on a Himalayan salt block, your fish and other types of food will become enriched with around 80 kinds of minerals and nutrients found in the Himalayan pink salt. These minerals and nutrients are healthy for the patients of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and respiratory issues as they help to control these chronic ailments.
    • A unique feature of Himalayan salt block is that it retains and absorbs very little amount of moisture which gives a delicate salt flavor to your fish instead of overpowering it with salt causing high blood pressure.
    • A Himalayan salt cooking block retains heat for a longer duration of time which plays a vital role in keeping your fish warm even after it is put to rest for some time.
    • A Himalayan salt block is naturally an anti-microbial surface disallowing bacterial, viral, and fungal growth making your fish healthier to eat.
    • It is now revealed that grilling fish and cooking food items on Himalayan salt cooking block help to balance one’s pH level, improves digestion, and reduce acid reflux.
    Fish grilling on salt cooking plate - Salt Bricks

    These benefits of grilling fish on a Himalayan salt cooking block not only maintain your physical health but also make your food tastier, healthier, and long-lasting.

    An easier, feasible, and healthier method to cook and grill fish using Himalayan salt cooking block has gained immense popularity during the past few years among culinary experts, housewives, and food fanatics. Now you can prepare and grill delicious and mouth-watering dishes of meat, chicken, and fish on a Himalayan salt cooking block to save your time and energy while keeping all the flavors and health benefits of your favorite ingredient intact. What are you waiting for guys? Run to your nearest stores as early as possible to buy a Himalayan salt cooking block at affordable price to enjoy healthy cooking and eating.

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