How the Salt Wall can help me in Business?

The industry related to health and fitness has the opportunity to improve the business with the Himalayan Salt Wall. It is not much difficult but a modern way of boosting the business with some additions. Actually, Himalayan Pink Salt is an enriched organic mineral on the Earth that has many health benefits and properties. It contains 84 plus trace elements that help the human body in its health. As most of us have heard that a few decades ago when injured soldiers went into the salt cave with their wounded horses. They discovered its healing property. Because Himalayan pink salt heals the body that’s why soldiers and horses started recovering without any other meditation. This is the reason we consider it an Alternate Meditation. The question arises in the mind, how the salt wall will play a role in boosting the business of health and fitness?

What does Salt Wall do?

The salt wall construction needs Himalayan Salt Bricks. These salt bricks really give an alluring look and provide health benefits. Because it is crafted with pure Himalayan Pink Rock salt which is mined from salt caves. It gives the same benefits as the salt cave. Himalayan Salt Bricks installation constructs a salt wall that emits negative ions into the environment and makes it healthy. Due to negative ions, the salt wall purifies the air of the room by canceling out the positive ions generated from other stuff present in the room.

Himalayan Salt Wall

What is a salt wall panel?

You may have heard about it. If you have a very low budget or you have a space

Salt Wall Panel

issue and you are not able to construct a salt wall. Then it is good for you to create a salt frame or salt panel. It is completely up to you what size you want. These salt panels are created with salt bricks in which it is a choice whether to install a backlit or not. You can hang these salt wall panels onto your regular wall of the room, office wall, or wherever you want.

Why the salt wall in sauna is helpful?

People visit the sauna to get relaxation, relief from stress, and soothe their minds. The addition of a salt wall in the sauna will provide a healthy environment to breath-in by purifying the air and releasing negative ions. A Salt Wall will boost the respiratory system. Serotonin, and melatonin hormones in the body. After spending a certain time in a salt sauna, an individual feels better, with enhanced mood, activeness, and happiness.

Salt Wall Sauna

What are special salt wall bricks?

For the salt wall construction, two standard dimensions of salt bricks are used.

Salt Bricks for wall

These are 8” x 4” x 2” and 8” x 4” x 1”. Both are the same salt bricks in their functionalities and properties, they only differ because of their thickness. In some situations, a 2” thick salt brick is a good choice wherever in some conditions 1” thick salt brick is a good choice.

What does salt wall cost?

The Himalayan Salt Wall cost depends upon several things. But it is not much expensive to add it in the existing health facility if we put an eye on the ROI (return on investment). The main things to calculate the cost are;

  • The coverage area of the wall
  • Installation of salt bricks category (Dimensions)
  • Installation of backlit
  • Hiring a builder

If the wall is subjected to the height of 4-5 feet, overall it covers 20 square feet. Then it will cost you around $1500. This is a standard size of the wall, but again I would say it depends on the room and some other conditions.

DIY Salt Room Accessories and Décor

If you don't have the funds to build a full salt wall at home, there is a less expensive way to establish a fully working salt therapy solution. While "décor and accessories" might vary depending on the type of therapy room (massage, reiki, yoga, etc..), in this post we will look at the essential necessities for creating a genuine Himalayan salt room by building a salt wall with antique Himalayan salt bricks. A modest room may be adapted for Halotherapy by installing the following accessories:

Himalayan Salt Bricks for the Wall of the Therapy room

The Himalayan Salt Wall can be built with or without backlighting, and it can include actual Himalayan bricks and tiles in both flat and natural finishes. If Himalayan Salt Wall construction is not affordable then you can create salt wall panels with the Himalayan salt bricks. The 5-inch deep red mahogany woodwork border is stained. As a lovely ornamental object, it may be put to any wall. It is available with or without illumination.

Salt Wall in salt room

Granulated Himalayan Salt for Floor

Pink granulated Himalayan salt for the floor, uncooked and large-grain. Cover the floor of your salt cave, yoga, massage, or salt sauna with a bed of genuine Himalayan salt crystals. One 55-pound bag will cover 13 square feet with a 3" layer of the floor surface.

Himalayan salt Detox Dome Lamp

The Himalayan salt detox dome Lamp is manufactured with pure Himalayan

rock salt that has been sharpened into a dome form and set on a wooden base. A 25-watt halogen light bulb is put into the salt dome lamp and generates enough heat to cause negative ions to be released into the surrounding environment. Place them on the floor of your salt room to allow your guests to cleanse their feet or for general illumination.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Lamps

100% Himalayan salt crystal rock salt lamps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Place these natural rock lamps throughout your salt therapy room area to help your customers feel more at ease.

Himalayan Salt Tea Lights

Create a relaxing, calming, and attractive atmosphere in your salt room. So put a few salt tea light candles around your salt room to create a stress-free, negative ion atmosphere for your customers.

The halogenerator

The most sophisticated salt aerosol generator is currently available on the market. This medical-grade gadget is necessary to provide the therapeutic environment required for Halotherapy. This machine can realistically simulate natural salt cave microclimates with ease thanks to advanced programming that manages and disperses exact quantities of dry salt aerosol and negative ions in the salt room chamber.

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