Healing powers of Himalayan salt wall

Himalayan salt wall is a new and popular trend these days. They have revolutionized medical therapy owing to their numerous effects on health. Spending time in a salt room surrounded by salt walls is a sure way of relaxation. It cures many illnesses, as it provides a safe and clean environment to breathe. Many skin allergies are cured by it. It is most beneficial in curing respiratory ailments as it clears airways by dissolving mucus. Moreover, they are natural mood enhancers and stress relievers.

Himalayan salt

Pink salt or Himalayan salt is mined from the salt range in Potohar region of Punjab, located in Pakistan. Its name is derived from its characteristic pinkish hue. It contains mainly sodium chloride and 84 trace elements. Its common use is in daily diet as table salt. However, now a days this Himalayan salt has found many other uses. It can be molded into salt bricks, salt lamps, salt detox blocks, candle stands, salt cooking plates to serve food and licking blocks for cattle.

Himalayan Salt Wall

Himalayan salt can be molded into salt bricks. These salt bricks are then joined together with a special grout to form Himalayan salt wall. These Himalayan salt wall can be placed in spas, wellness centers, offices and homes. The backlit wall emits a yellowish glow that gives a cooling and soothing effect to eyes and mind. This Himalayan salt wall not only increase the aesthetic appeal of a place but also provide a number of therapeutic benefits to mind and soul. Hence, their popularity is increasing day by day.

Himalayan Salt Wall

Salt room therapy

Halotherapy, sitting in a room full of salt particles generated by a halogenerator, is a new form of treatment today. It helps in healing our body in many different ways. Halogenerator crushes salt particles and ground them in powder form. Later, it diffuse them in air. Inhaling these salt particles help clear the airway; curing many respiratory ailments. Adsorption of these salt particles on skin help cure many skin diseases. That is why, these salt rooms or salt caves have become a part and parcel of spas and wellness centers these days. They create a warm and peaceful aura; relaxing our body, mind and soul.

Healing powers of Himalayan salt wall

Breathing in a room surrounded by walls made of Himalayan salt offers many healing effect to our body.

  • Reparatory benefits
salt wall for respiration

Himalayan Salt wall has natural tendency to clean and purify air. They are anti-bacterial and anti-septic. Breathing in this fresh and purified air allows to cleanse our respiratory tract, as it clears mucus plugs and blockages. It also helps in curing many allergies, cough and asthma. It is particularly helpful in people with smoker’s cough and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • Skin benefits

Himalayan Salt wall helps in healing and rejuvenating our skin. The salt particles released in air help cure many skin conditions and allergies. They are particularly beneficial for eczema, acne, psoriasis and athlete’s foot. They normalize pH of the skin, rehydrate the skin, and have anti aging effects as well.

  • Beneficial effects on mind

When this Himalayan salt wall is slightly warmed, they emit negative ions. These ions have a very positive effect on our mind. They help in curing depression, anxiety and stress. They boost up the energy levels giving you a positive attitude to embrace life’s difficulties. They release mood enhancer- serotonin which lightens the mood and surround you with positive energy.

  • Benefits of minerals

Himalayan salt contains many beneficial minerals namely, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, Sulphur, zinc and strontium. The salt walls, when mildly heated, release these minerals. These minerals get incorporated in our bodies through breathing and help in growth. More importantly, strontium is well known for its beneficial effects on bones. It increases bone density and helps in mineralization of bones.

A very rare mineral, Molybdenum is found in Himalayan salt. It helps in activation of many enzymes in our body.

  • Effect on sleep
perfect sleep with salt wall

Himalayan Salt wall with a beautiful, soft back light helps in relaxing our body and soul. It creates an aura which soothes the eyes and relaxes our brain. This helps in relieving headache and migraine. Moreover, this calmness aids in improving sleep patterns.

  • Effect on immune system

Salt therapy helps the body to combat diseases. Most researches show that it increases the production of white blood cells which strengthen the immune system and fight many infections.

  • Pain relief

These salt particles help to relax tightened muscles. Hence, they have a beneficial role in curing joint aches and body pains.

  • Improve circulation

Salt therapy helps in improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Therefore, it reduces edema and swelling.

  • Detoxification

Salt blocks also help in detoxification of our body. Placing both your feet on salt blocks help releasing sweat and hence toxins are removed from our body. In addition, it also cures pedal edema and foot sore. Hence, relax your tiring body after a long and hard day.

How does the healing power of Himalayan salt wall work?

The Himalayan salt wall is hygroscopic. It means when they are warmed, they absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This moisture helps in the release of negative ions from the Himalayan salt wall. These negative ions help to counteract positive ions released from the pollution of electronic devices. They then help in purifying our air with their anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

Himalayan Salt Bricks and Tiles

Himalayan salt wall has recently gained popularity as an elegant addition to any house. Creating a one-of-a-kind look for your house is a breeze with the help of Adeeb Salt®. We have acquired a wide variety of Himalayan salt bricks and tiles from the Himalayas to help you create an awe-inspiring atmosphere in your house. Himalayan salt has been shown to improve air quality and eliminate harmful radiation.

Himalayan salt bricks for wall - Salt Bricks

In order to create a relaxing atmosphere for their customers, several businesses are turning to Himalayan salt bricks. Our Himalayan salt bricks are created from 100% natural, pure Himalayan salt, which has been shown to promote feelings of calm and serenity.

Because Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals, breathing in its particles may help with a variety of respiratory ailments, including asthma and allergies. Therefore, you should absolutely go for Himalayan salt bricks.

Himalayan Salt Bricks for Sale in Bulk

Adeeb Salt ® provides wholesale Himalayan salt bricks of superior quality at incredibly cheap rates, so you may buy as many as you need without breaking the bank. Join us as we enjoy the benefits of Himalayan salt wall firsthand.

As a reliable provider of Himalayan salt, we place a premium on product excellence. Our salt bricks and tiles are made from pure Himalayan salt mined in the Khewra region. Our wholesale hand-carved salt bricks come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs to satisfy the needs of any client.

Himalayan salt has been provided to us by Mother Nature. Then why not benefit from this natural advantage? These Himalayan salt bricks may be set up in any house with little effort.

Types of salt room

There are two types of salt rooms.

  • Active salt room

It requires a halogenerator. This halogenerator grinds the salt into fine particles and distribute it evenly across the room. These salt particles are then inhaled by our air ways and adsorbed on our skin. This is the perfect way to cure respiratory and skin ailments.

  • Passive salt room

This therapy does not need a salt generator. Instead, it requires a specially made salt room or salt cave. No salt particles are released into the air. A person inhales the air purified by the salt walls. The negative ions released by salt walls help clean air and cure diseases.

Himalayan Salt Wall for Sauna - Salt Bricks

Types of salt therapy

Salt therapy is of two types.

  • Dry salt therapy

It is done in an active salt room in which salt particles are produced by halogenerator. These dry salt particles are responsible for clearing our skin and respiratory tract.

  • Wet salt therapy

It involves bathing in salt water or drinking salt water, doing gargles or taking salt water into wind pipe.

It should be kept in mind that salt therapy is an adjunct to conventional therapy. One should not only rely on salt rooms for curing illnesses. It should be used in addition to the regular pharmaceutical therapy. Moreover, you should take your doctor’s advice before starting this therapy.

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