Anti aging effects of Himalayan salt wall at home

Owing to the wondrous effects of pink Himalayan salt on skin and hair, it is gaining popularity as an alternate therapeutic technique. Himalayan salt, when released in air, acts as a natural exfoliant and detoxifier. It improves circulation, and rejuvenates and rehydrates skin. It increases the production of collagen which naturally tightens the skin and fights aging. The trace elements like calcium, magnesium, and potassium help to maintain skin’s pH. Iodine, zinc, iron, bromine help in regeneration. It acts as a natural moisturizer, maintains skin tone, and improves vitality. When Himalayan salt is absorbed onto the skin, it removes dirt and pollutants and helps in reabsorption of toxins. Keeping in mind these amazing benefits, it is needless to say how salt therapy for skin care is gaining popularity these days. You can also benefit from these innumerable advantages, if you install a Himalayan salt wall in your house.

Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt found on earth. It contains 84 essential elements in addition to common salt. Its color ranges from pure white to pink, pinkish red and deep red. This variation in color is a result of mineral content in salt. Thousands of years ago, a sea dried at the Potohar region of Punjab leaving behind salt rocks and salt bed. This area is surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountains which protect it from the environmental pollution. Apart from its common use as table salt, this pink salt is also used in making salt bricks, salt blocks, salt lamps, salt detox blocks etc.

Many years ago, scientists studied that people working in salt mines have generally better health as compared to other mine workers. After much research, it was proved that salt miners were benefitting from the various advantages of salt. It was proved that dry salt, from these dry caves, is absorbed by skin; making it healthy. Moreover, when this dry salt is inhaled, it clears the air way and treats many illnesses.


The above-mentioned discovery led to the foundation of salt therapy or Halotherapy. In this therapy, these dry salt particles are crushed into tiny particles and then dispersed in the room. These salt particles are then absorbed by skin and inhaled by respiratory tract. This process leads to many therapeutic benefits.

Himalayan salt wall

These Himalayan salt wall formed by salt bricks are becoming increasingly popular these days. They are easily found in many wellness centers, spas, homes and offices. Imagine coming to your home after a hectic day at work and finding yourself in the company of natural salt wall. This not only refreshes your mood but also gives innumerable health benefits.

Himalayan Salt Wall - Salt Bricks

How does the Himalayan salt wall works?

salt wall

Himalayan salt has natural hygroscopic qualities. In the presence of heat and moisture, it starts releasing negative ions. These negative ions counterbalance positive ions of electromagnetic smog and provide numerous benefits. Moreover, the salt acts as a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, cleaning the surrounding air. It elevates your mood; while simultaneously rehydrating and reenergizing your soul.

Skin benefits of Himalayan salt wall

The salt, when released in air, is absorbed by our skin. It refreshes our skin in the best way possible. One of the greatest benefits offered by Himalayan salt wall is its anti-aging effect.

Anti-aging effect of Himalayan salt wall

Due to the presence of minerals in Himalayan pink salt, it is the purest and most organic product for skin care. The dry salt particles, when released in air, deeply penetrates the epidermis, removes excess oils and fluid, and increases skin circulation causing its rehydration.


Himalayan salt acts as a natural detoxifier. The salt released during halotherapy directly gets absorbed onto the skin. In case of passive therapy, Himalayan salt wall gets activated through heat and moisture releasing negative ions which get absorbed by our skin. This results in drawing out of toxins and heavy metals from our body. The skin becomes pure and clean, causing detoxification and rejuvenation.

Natural exfoliator

Salt therapy, leading to salt absorption by our skin, acts as a natural exfoliator. It removes dead and dry skin, leaves skin refreshing and silky soft. Using common regular salt can be damaging because it is dry and it absorbs natural moisture of skin. However, pink Himalayan salt is unique due to the presence of minerals. Therefore, it helps the skin to regain its natural moisture.


Pink Himalayan salt also removes bad odor and foul smell from body. This natural deodorant is much effective than the artificial ones and even lasts longer.


Natural pink salt acts as a facial toner. It tightens the skin, removes pores, open clogged pores and masks wrinkles. Hence acts as anti-aging.


Salt absorbed through skin acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It kills bacteria which cause acne and pustules. Regularly using salt therapy reduces and cures acne, leaving your skin spotless and much younger.

Skin pH

Himalayan pink salt is naturally acidic which perfectly complements the acidic skin. Thus, balancing the skin pH which helps to rejuvenate facial cells. Moreover, the presence of magnesium in the Himalayan salt gives it an extra edge to maintain skin’s natural homeostasis.

Oily skin

If you have oily skin then salt therapy helps to remove excess oil from your skin and face, making it bright and beautiful.

Skin rigidity

Himalayan salt helps to remove excess fluids from skin and keeps it firm and rigid; causing anti-aging effects.

Maintains natural glow

Himalayan salt helps microcirculation of skin giving it an extra glow and making complexion fair.

Skin nourishment

Himalayan salt contains 84 natural minerals which when released in air nourishes skin. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are essential minerals for skin regeneration. They make skin young and radiant.

Reduces inflammation

Salt therapy reduces infection and inflammation due to its antiseptic effects. It is particularly helpful in sensitive skin as it helps sooth redness.

Treats skin allergies

The salt wall releases ions which cleans air, removes allergens and disinfectants. This helps in curing many skin allergies.

Cures skin conditions

Salt therapy cures many skin ailments like eczema, Athlete’s foot, and psoriasis.

Fights aging signs

Sitting in a salt sauna surrounded by Himalayan salt wall helps fighting aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles.

Other Antiaging benefits

Healthy hair

If you want your hair healthy and shiny, Himalayan salt wall is your answer. Absorption of salt in hair causes them to revitalize. You will be amazed to see excellent results in a short span of time.

Reduces dandruff

Regularly using Himalayan salt with your shampoo helps to fight against dandruff.

Natural conditioner

Himalayan salt acts as a natural conditioner for hair leaving it shiny and healthy.

Oily hair

Oily hair can be treated with Himalayan salt. Salt absorption through salt therapy reduces additional oil from hair.

Healthy teeth

One of the many benefits of salt therapy is healthy and strong teeth. It prevents cavities and plaque. It whitens your teeth and protects the enamel.

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