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Himalayan Salt Wall Meditation, Yoga, and Massage

If allergies are bothering you and you are weary of trying many methods to improve your health and happiness. We have got you covered with our proprietary salt room therapy research. It not only improves mood but also treats respiratory and skin problems.

The most recent spa trend involves combining multiple therapeutic services in a single sitting — inside a salt room.

What is a Salt Room?

A salt room is a location where you can book a salt therapy session, which allows you to breathe in medical-grade dry salt aerosol for a variety of health benefits including respiratory health, skin health, and immune-boosting effects. In some locations, if a salt wall exists in a regular room it will consider a Salt Room also. Most Spa owners build a salt wall in their therapeutic room to offer salt therapy with other therapies. Whether it is a complete salt room or a single salt wall in a room both are suitable for salt therapy. As both will give health benefits.

Salt Room - Salt Bricks

These health benefits are sponsored by medical grade placebo controlled double-blind clinical trials published on and the National Institutes of Health (

How a Salt Cave Can Improve Your Health

Your body begins to reap the healing benefits of salt therapy just by breathing in the regulated amounts of salt aerosol in a salt room spa. Because this salt room contains a salt wall of salt bricks. These Himalayan Salt Bricks are crafted with pure Himalayan pink rock salt and generate certain ions in the surroundings.

Himalayan Salt Wall Massage - Salt Bricks

It is a really very amazingly relaxing and de-stressing experience, with all you have to do is to breathe and relax in the salty air and in those certain ions induced by the salt wall in the air. It seems really good, so, the salt room spas provide a combination of therapies with salt therapy, to further enhance and maximize your health and well-being. Meditation, yoga, and massage therapies are some popular combined salt room spa services. When therapies are performed in an active salt room, you also receive the marvelous therapeutic advantages of salt therapy.

Should I frequently go for Combined Salt Room Therapy?

The healing benefits of salt therapy can be seen after only one session. As many customers report feeling revitalized immediately following a salt therapy session. Because there are no negative side effects. And there is no limit to taking salt therapy sessions, you can have whenever and how many you want. We propose regular salt therapy sessions, three times per week for the best health.

It’s truly a relaxing and de-stressing experience, where all you have to do is relax, and breathe for the duration of your session.

It makes sense, therefore, that many salt cave spas are offering combined services, along with halotherapy, to further enhance and maximize your health and well-being.

Combined Spa Sessions

Some popular combined salt cave spa sessions include meditation, yoga, and massage therapy. When services are conducted inside an active salt room or salt cave, you also reap the wonderful healing benefits of salt therapy at the same time.

Salt Wall meditation - Salt Bricks Salt Wall Yoga - Salt Bricks 

How Often Should I Go For Combined Salt Cave Therapy?

The healing benefits of salt therapy can be noticed after a single session, as many patrons report feeling rejuvenated immediately following a session. There is no limit to the number of salt therapy sessions you can have, as there are no negative side effects.

Salt Therapy for relaxation - Salt Bricks

For optimal health, we recommend regular salt therapy sessions, 3 times per week or more. And for salt therapy at home, we would recommend to build a salt wall at your home to be healthy and happy.

What is Himalayan Salt Wall?

It is just a wall like common room wall. But it is not built with regular blocks. Himalayan Salt Bricks are used to build Himalayan Salt Wall. There are different dimensions of Himalayan Salt Bricks that people use for Himalayan salt wall construction. But the most common use of salt bricks dimensions are 8” x 4” x 2” and 8” x 4” x 1”. Some people use bigger sizes of salt bricks like 8” x 8” x 2”, 8” x 8” x 1” or 12” x 12” x 2”.

Himalayan Salt Wall - Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Wall construction includes salt bricks, plexiglass or other sheet (if needed for support) and backlit. You can use foil sheet behind the salt wall while installing backlit to make the light more visible. The reason behind using the lights behind the wall is, to give an alluring look to the salt wall. Because salt bricks pass the light and make an attractive look.

Salt Bricks Wall

Salt Bricks for Wall

The salt room of salt bricks wall is a private place composed of pure Himalayan pink salt, where individuals may sit and breathe in the salty air. In terms of structure, the salt is moulded into salt bricks and utilized to produce the salt room walls and roof, while the ground is coated with powdered Himalayan salt. Salt Lamps, tablets, and panels are utilized to embellish the space, while salt is used to cover the main ground. There are various factors that contribute to the salt rooms being completely sparkling and mitigating. One of the most important reasons is its capacity to purify the air and create negative ions. It is great because of its superb pink tone. When combined with the careful construction of lighting, the shade produces astounding illuminating effects. When placed near a fire, the salt bricks get heated and have a strong warming/loosening effect.

The salt therapy rooms are used almost everywhere in the globe, as people from America to Europe and Asia are quite connected to them. They can also be found in the Hamptons, New Jersey, Hungary, Israel, Russia, and Indianapolis.

What Is the Process of Salt Room Therapy?

The salt room therapy takes place in specially designed chambers composed of Himalayan pink salt. Using a highly advanced halogenerator, the therapeutic parameters (for example, the concentration of salt molecules, their size, and the speed of its aerosol) are adapted to a customer's specific wellness objectives. These therapeutic settings are specified and then managed and maintained by the halogenerator. The negative ions are dispersed into the salt therapy chamber.

Himalayan Salt Room - Salt Bricks

There are no specific consumables, equipment, or needles used in the therapy procedure, which adds another advantage. There is nothing to consume, and there are no intrusive ways. With dry salt therapy, you just sit on a seat and the salt particles are breathed in during sessions that last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Salt Wall Cost

Standard salt wall cost is about $700-$900. Salt Wall standard size is 4-5 feet height. It can be vary if salt wall dimensions are different or if salt bricks have special dimensions.

Himalayan Salt Wall Panel

Himalayan Salt Wall Panel are good to use in bedroom or at work place. Because it is a salt frame and you can hang it on the wall. Due to its portability people tend to use it more. Himalayan Salt Wall panel includes salt bricks, a metal frame and lights.


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