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Himalayan Salt Wall - Frequently Asked Questions

The Himalayan Salt Wall is like a regular wall of the room. But we build it with Himalayan Salt Bricks. And this is built a little away from the regular wall. There are LED backlit installation behind the salt wall that makes it preferable and attractive. A room that contains a salt wall is often known as Salt Room.

What exactly is a salt room?

Himalayan Salt Room - Salt Bricks

A salt room is a chamber or cabin that is designed to resemble a real salt mine, complete with all of the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy. A salt room is often made completely of Himalayan salt bricks and boulders. Ambient backlighting illuminates the salt bricks wall, while fiber-optic lighting is incorporated in a stalactite cave-like ceiling. The flooring of the salt room is often coated with a coating of big grains of Himalayan pink salt crystals. These grains are called Himalayan Granulated Salt. A hidden sound system delivers soothing background music.

The fundamental purpose of the salt room is the environment - which is composed of medical-grade salt aerosol. It is created by a hidden device called a halogenerator and from which the therapeutic effects are obtained. A salt fireplace, salt water cascade, and skylight, among other things, may be added.

What actually a salt room does?

A salt room offers its visitors the therapeutic effects of salt therapy. A customer normally relaxes in a zero gravity chair for 30 - 60 minutes to reap the benefits of salt therapy. Salt therapy treatments must be scheduled in advance with Salt Cave personnel.

Is it healthy to breathe salt air?

Regular salt therapy treatments in a salt room will have significant health benefits. Medical publications and clinical investigations, as well as firsthand experience and user feedback, have all confirmed this. Salt therapy can assist enhance our well-being and quality of life when used on a regular basis. This article explains these advantages.

Is salt therapy harmful?

Salt therapy has been around and used for decades, if not millennia. Salt therapy has no known negative side effects. In reality, the inverse is true. This assertion is supported in this article.

Are salt rooms beneficial?

Absolutely. Salt rooms are a popular spa treatment in North America and across the world too. Salt rooms attract clients and repeat customers, especially in small communities, because they are not widely available in every metropolis. 

Salt rooms benefit both spa owners and their guests. They are a good investment for spa owners because they have been shown to improve a variety of respiratory ailments such as colds and flu, Asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, and even a variety of skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and many others.

In this post, we will discuss these advantages as well as the clinical research that supports these claims.

Do you shower after taking a salt session?

Simply, showering before your exercise is preferable to showering afterward. To get the most out of your salt room experience, let any micro-particles of salt linger on your skin. Remember that salt therapy benefits not only your respiratory system and internal organs but also your skin through contact with salty air.

Is inhaling Himalayan Pink Salt safe?

Inhaling Himalayan pink salt was discovered and performed by accident in the early nineteenth century when a Polish physician called Feliks Bocszkowski noticed that salt cave miners had much fewer respiratory illnesses and seemed much younger for their age than coal or metal miners. The advantages were attributed to Himalayan salt, which was thought to be the effect of breathing in the salt-rich air found in salt mines. Soon after, many individuals in Europe who wanted to enhance their health and well-being began to visit salt mines on a regular basis.

Is it safe to visit Himalayan salt room?

Modern Himalayan salt rooms have temperature and humidity controls, as well as extremely complex systems that adjust the concentration of medical-grade sodium chloride aerosol in the atmosphere. The concentration of ambient salt aerosol is fine-tuned for maximum therapeutic benefits to people. There are no known or recorded negative side effects from using a salt chamber for halotherapy.

Himalayan Salt Room - Salt Bricks

Does salt therapy have an effect on blood pressure?

Although it is widely accepted that high salt consumption might potentially raise blood pressure, there is no proven link between salt therapy and elevated blood pressure. Because halotherapy promotes relaxation, decreases inflammation, and eliminates toxins in the bloodstream, it may aid in the lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Because salt therapy promotes relaxation, decreases inflammation, and eliminates toxins in the bloodstream, it may aid in the lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

Do salt caves actually function?

A resounding yes! For hundreds of years, salt caverns have been utilized for their deep medicinal properties, and have been proven to help breathing and respiratory function, skin issues, and even anti-aging in their users. In this post, we will look at the history, clinical data, and what individuals are saying about using salt caverns.

Do you become exhausted with salt therapy?

By lowering toxins and mucus buildup, salt therapy sessions will reduce inflammation, promote circulation, and improve breathing throughout the respiratory system. This can also help with relaxing and naturally inducing a sense of quiet or stillness, which can help with meditation. Most customers report feeling revitalized and energized after their salt therapy sessions.

Is it OK to use Himalayan pink salt in a diffuser?

It's never a good idea to add Himalayan pink salt or additives to a diffuser, humidifier, or vaporizer unless specifically instructed to do. So in the owner's handbook; otherwise, you risk harming the equipment and losing the warranty. Salt promotes oxidation and is corrosive to metals such as the heating element, filter, and seals in diffusers.

Is it okay to use Himalayan salt in the Halogenerator?

Pure sodium chloride crystals with no impurities or anti-caking additives should be the sole salt you use in your halogenerator equipment. This sodium chloride might be a pharmaceutical grade or USP grade. This page contains further information on USP-grade halogenerator salt.

How much Salt Room or only Salt Wall Cost?

The cost of constructing a Himalayan Salt Wall or a salt room is mostly determined by the room's size and the contractor's ability to correctly design and construct the room and its therapeutic components. Our team of manufacturing and providing all building materials for the salt room has been planning and assisting in building salt caves for many years. And has mastered the skill of meticulously cutting and stacking Himalayan Salt bricks for each custom-planned project.

All of our salt bricks and boulders are imported directly from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. And we made this building material stock in our different warehouses in USA and Canada. We provide wholesale Himalayan salt bricks and refer a builder and designer.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that if any common room contains a Himalayan Salt Wall, this would consider a Salt Room. It is not necessary to build a complete room with salt bricks, the salt wall will give the same benefits as a salt room does. If your budget is short or you have a short facility in your spa, you can add a salt wall in the feasible room.

Himalayan salt wall construction

We provide all building materials for the construction of the salt wall and we can hire a builder for your salt wall. In the Himalayan Salt Wall construction the material that will be used is, Himalayan Salt Bricks or Himalayan Salt Tiles, Salt Boulders, Salt Adhesive (to join the salt bricks) and LED backlit.

Himalayan Salt Wall - Salt Bricks

How to build a salt wall?

It is not much difficult. But when you decide to have it, the question comes to mind that how to build a salt wall. It is so simple, you just need to measure the area. Your coverage area will help us to calculate how many Himalayan Salt Bricks you need and how many salt adhesive tubes will be used for this number of Himalayan salt bricks. Now, start building a salt wall a little away from the regular wall and stack the Himalayan Salt bricks by applying a salt adhesive between them and joining the salt bricks to each other. Go brick by brick and layer by layer. Our special salt adhesive will dry regularly faster and connect Himalayan Salt Bricks very tightly. After completion of standing a salt wall with Himalayan salt bricks and confirming that salt adhesive has been dried, install backlit behind the salt wall. You can use some foil sheets too behind the wall for an equally light spread.

What is the Himalayan salt wall sauna?

Himalayan Salt Wall Sauna - Salt Bricks

Some sauna owners want to have a salt wall in their sauna. It is the same wall built with Himalayan Salt Bricks. But in the sauna salt wall, we prefer to use such salt bricks that have less thickness because some times sauna does not bear weight. Every other thing is the same like the installation method of salt bricks and light installation.

Himalayan salt wall DIY

In today's modern world, people are using Himalayan salt wall DIY projects for their personal use only. People build a salt wall in their bedrooms or in offices that keeps them healthy, active, and happy. Installing a Himalayan Salt Wall in the bedroom is really good for you. Because Himalayan salt bricks generate negative ions and purify air quality. This will help you in improving your sleep quality and your Libido. Along with its health benefits, it will give you a very alluring look that will attract everyone’s eye.

Himalayan Salt Wall Bricks and Tiles

Himalayan Salt Wall Bricks have two standard dimensions of 8” x 4” x 2” and 8” x 4” x 1”. Although other bigger or smaller dimensions can be used to design a salt wall. But these two sizes are commonly used in the construction of the Himalayan Salt Wall.

About Himalayan Salt - Salt Bricks

Himalayan salt wall panel

Himalayan Salt Wall Panel - Himalayan Salterz

The Himalayan Salt Wall Panel is a salt frame of a few Himalayan Salt Bricks. People love to have portable products. So we offer them Himalayan salt wall panel. The Himalayan Salt Bricks, salt adhesive, and lights are used in this frame. It is on the customer’s will that he wants a steel frame or a wooden one. This salt frame can be installed in the salt sauna, salt spa, or even in your office and bedroom too. Salt Wall Panel enhances the beauty of the room and attracts visitors and guests. And also gives the advantage of portability.


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