Role of Himalayan Salt Tiles in Producing Melatonin to Improve Sleep

After proving their numerous and countless benefits in health, cooking, and medical therapies, pink Himalayan salt tiles have now revealed their effectiveness and efficiency in improving the daily sleep cycle of an individual by producing an adequate amount of melatonin hormone in a person’s body. It is an undeniable fact that sleep is one of the most significant things in one’s daily life greatly affecting his physical and mental health and wellbeing. Regular sleep cycles with sufficient sleeping hours on daily basis not only assist a person in performing his daily tasks well but also improves his mood and approach toward life. For this reason, pink Himalayan salt tiles are used widely by healthcare experts, physicians, and doctors to enhance the sleep cycle of their insomniac patients.

What salt tiles do with MELATONIN - SALT BRICKS

Due to their numerous and insurmountable benefits in improving one’s physical and mental health, pink Himalayan salt tiles can now be seen installed in several houses, offices, and spa centers. Among their countless benefits, one of the greatest advantages of Himalayan salt tiles is that they play a vital role in improving the sleep-wake cycle of a person by releasing adequate amount of melatonin hormone in the body through the whole night. Since regular undisturbed sleep is essential for a healthy and happy life, the contribution of pink Himalayan salt tiles in this regard cannot be neglected. Through the release of negative ions, purification of air, and production of melatonin hormone, pink Himalayan salt tiles have been significantly assisting the individuals for ages in sleeping soundly. For these reasons, a majority of people have ditched the ancient methods of decorating their homes by using attractive wallpapers and alluring tiles as they now prefer to install pink Himalayan salt tiles in the bedrooms and other personal living spaces to enjoy a better sleep, sound health, and prolonged contentment devoid of any kind of stress, side effect, or negative energy in their lives.

Importance of Melatonin Hormone in Individual’s Life

Recent research studies in the field of medical science have suggested and revealed that the melatonin hormone is naturally produced by the body of an individual to regulate his daily sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin generally puts a person in a quiet wakeful state as the evening approaches by increasing its production which in turn helps an individual to sleep better at night. It is revealed that darkness increases the release of melatonin hormone causing an individual to sleep whereas light decreases the production of melatonin hormone keeping an individual awake during the daytime. Due to this reason, people having sleep problems such as insomnia, sleep paralysis, or muscle cramps while lying on the bed due to lower levels of melatonin hormone within their bodies prefer to use melatonin supplements for improving the quality of their sleep.

melatonin importance - salt bricks

Besides improving one’s sleep cycle, the melatonin hormone aids an individual in reducing jet lag, depression, dementia, and persistent pain. For these reasons, the melatonin hormone is considered vital for the health of an individual. Current evidence suggests that pink Himalayan salt tiles installed within homes, offices, and clubs significantly contribute to releasing and producing an adequate amount of melatonin hormone within the body of an individual; thereby, improving his daily sleep cycle and reducing other issues related to troubled sleeping.

How do Himalayan Salt Tiles Help in Sleep?

It is now clinically tried and tested that pink Himalayan salt tiles greatly assist in

himalayan salt tiles

the adequate production of melatonin hormone to improve the regular sleep-wake cycle of a person suffering from insomnia, lack of sleep, and disturbed sleep. As a result, an individual adopts a better approach towards life by remaining active throughout the day and sleeping peacefully through the whole night. Pink Himalayan salt tiles play a key role in improving one’s daily sleep through the production of melatonin hormone in sufficient amounts in the following ways as described below in detail:

  • It is believed that the positive electromagnetic radiations and ions emitting from the electronic gadgets and devices present in an individual’s bedroom significantly contribute to disturbing his sleep. In this regard, pink Himalayan salt tiles installed in the room release negative ions to cancel the effect of positive ions. The discharge of negative particles from pink Himalayan salt tiles not only increase the production of melatonin hormone within a person’s body but also improves the supply of blood and oxygen to the body; thus, helping a person to sleep soundly throughout the night.
  • The daily sleep of an individual can also get disturbed due to any allergy issue or nose blockage at night. Himalayan salt tiles assist a person in this matter by purifying the surrounding air of his bedroom from bacteria and allergens; hence, improving the sleep pattern of an individual.
  • Besides positive ions and allergens, the LED lighting in the bedroom emitting blue light is considered to be the main cause of insomnia disturbing the sleep of an individual by hindering the production of melatonin hormone. In this regard, the soft orange glow of Himalayan salt tiles installed in the room informs the person about nighttime by releasing adequate amount of melatonin hormone enabling him to sleep in a better way for the entire night.

Through these ways, pink Himalayan salt tiles greatly assist a person to improve his daily sleep cycle by releasing enough amount of melatonin hormone throughout the night.

Now is the right time to say goodbye to the old methods of renovating and decorating your homes, offices, clubs, spas, and restaurants because pink Himalayan salt tiles have outclassed all by proving to be the best and the most feasible decorative items keeping you healthier and contented for a long time without putting an extra burden on your pocket or jeopardizing your physical or mental health. If you or your family members are suffering from insomnia or a disturbed sleep cycle due to a decrease in melatonin production at night, install pink Himalayan salt tiles in your bedroom at the earliest to enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep throughout the night.

How to use Himalayan Salt Tiles for such Purpose

There are several ways to utilize Himalayan Salt Tiles to boost Melatonin hormone in the body. The best way is to build a Salt Wall that will develop a very healthy environment. This healthy environment will not only boost melatonin but also provide many other health benefits. It is a very common story in this modern age, that Himalayan Pink Salt has healing properties. This story was discovered a long time ago, but nowadays people are building a Himalayan Salt Wall or a salt cave to get maximum health benefits by just spending time in it. There are certain Himalayan Salt tiles for wall that are available here just to build the Himalayan Salt Wall. Many Spa owners and Sauna owners are adding it to their facilities to offer salt therapy services.

Himalayan salt wall

The addition of a Himalayan Salt Wall in a Health Spa or Sauna is a great opportunity to grow the business as well. Because you can offer multiple different therapy services along with all existing massage or therapy services. But if someone wants, he can build the Himalayan Salt Wall in the home or workspace. The installation of Himalayan Salt Tiles and lighting behind them will give an alluring look to the Salt Wall and you will not only enjoy the beauty but health benefits as well. This will improve your sleep quality, Libido, and respiratory system, and calm the nervous system.

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