Himalayan Salt Sauna with Salt Wall

Himalayan Salt Sauna is a special Sauna that can give you an experience of detoxification and the therapeutic health benefits of Halotherapy.

What is a Himalayan Salt Sauna?

Himalayan Salt Sauna is a combination of Himalayan Salt Wall or Room and a traditional.

Himalayan Salt Sauna - Salt Bricks

A traditional Sauna is a closed room with cedar benches and walls as well as an oven to generate heat and steam. There is another kind of traditional Sauna that is Infrared Sauna. In this sauna we use light waves to generate heat instead of an oven. The core purpose of every Sauna is to release the stress, relax the body and sweating off impurities from the body.

Himalayan Salt Sauna goes one step forward and allows additional health benefits of Salt Therapy which is often known as Halotherapy. It is an addition in detoxifying effects of Sauna. Salt therapy helps in relaxation and calming the nervous system but in Sauna Salt Wall gives a boost to these health benefits. Himalayan Salt Wall creates such environment in a sauna that provides you salt therapy impacts. In Himalayan Salt Sauna, breathing is pure and helpful for respiratory system. Because Himalayan Pink Salt gives clears the inner linings of the Lungs and strengthen them to combat with Respiratory diseases.

Traditional Sauna into a Himalayan Salt Sauna

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall Sauna - Salt Bricks

If you want to convert your conventional Sauna into a Himalayan Salt Sauna, it is an easy task. No matter what kind of Sauna you currently have, it will conveniently transform into Himalayan Salt Sauna with addition of Salt Wall.
No matter what type of Sauna you have, you can easily upgrade or transform your Sauna into Himalayan Salt Sauna by adding some authentic Himalayan Salt Bricks for wall and fixtures throughout the room.

Salt Wall sauna / Salt Wall bricks tiles

Salt Bricks for wall

An effective and more revenue generated sauna is, that has Himalayan Salt Wall. The questions is why we say that salt wall is necessary for salt sauna. Actually to build wall we use salt bricks that generate negative ions. Many experts have been proved that Himalayan Pink Salt has the ability to emit certain ions that purify air and as the salty air breath-in, it clears the inner linings of Lungs. If you do not want to build a complete room, then you can build salt wall with Himalayan salt bricks that will develop the same environment as we discussed above.

Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Wall panel

We have experienced that some Spa owners or the Sauna owners do not build complete salt room nor a salt wall as well in their salt sauna. But they create Himalayan salt wall panels and hang or put them in their Sauna. Salt wall panels are portable salt wall that has customize dimensions and shape. Backlit can be installed in salt wall panels too. This look also so good and are easy to handle and move. So, people love it and tend to create and use them.

Himalayan Salt Wall cost

Himalayan salt wall cost varies according to the coverage area. A normal wall of 4’ x 5’ costs around $1000. But if the square footage increases then the cost will definitely increase. Actually salt wall cost depends on multiple things. If you are using 2” thick salt bricks then the price would be little higher and if you use 1” thick salt bricks then the price would be cheaper. But there are different dimensions of salt bricks that people use to design their wall. So, these all factors matter in calculating salt wall cost.

How to build salt wall

To build salt wall, you would need Himalayan salt bricks of your own choice and salt adhesive. The salt adhesive will connect the salt bricks very strongly. After applying the salt adhesive to the salt bricks, you can put the backlit behind the salt wall.

You just need to put salt bricks and apply salt adhesive then put another salt bricks on it. You will build salt wall layer by layer. 

Salt Sauna Benefits

While salt therapy and salt wall are relatively new idea in North America, where typical Spa Services and Saunas available everywhere. Many Spa owners are now thinking to transform their existing therapy rooms into Salt Room to offer their customers more varieties in therapies in the same room. As the people are now aware with the health benefits of salt therapy and looking to get these benefits.

In order to combine salt sessions for the healing properties, many Spa owners are now offering combination of Spa services Like reiki, massage therapy, and yoga inside the salt room.

Himalayan Salt bricks for sauna

Hygroscopy is the term for the phenomena that occurs when Himalayan salt bricks are placed in a sauna or a sauna is purchased with a Himalayan salt wall built in. It enables the ionization process to start when the natural humidity in your sauna condenses on the salt bricks.

Himalayan Salt bricks wholesale

To build Himalayan salt wall you should find salt bricks wholesale prices. Because wholesale salt bricks will lower the cost of Himalayan salt wall. For wholesale rates, you can directly import these salt bricks from Pakistan. But keep it in mind that this will take a longer time about 45 to 60 days to arrive in USA. So you have to find wholesale salt bricks here locally in USA.

If you already have a Sauna

It is simple to transform an existing conventional sauna into a Himalayan salt room with salt bricks.
From the Khewra salt mine in the Punjab, Pakistan at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, we import authentic and pure Himalayan pink salt rock. Then we precisely carved and polished this rock salt material into translucent salt bricks and salt tiles. You can apply high quality ambient backlit and adjust them with the dimmer switch to the salt wall and bench areas.

You can cover complete room with Salt Wall of salt bricks, salt tiles or rock salt that should have ambient backlit. The traditional ceiling of a salt chamber is made of stalactites and lit by fiber optics. Like traditional saunas, salt sauna ceilings are primarily made of cedar beams.

The floor can then be covered with a layer of granulated pink Himalayan salt crystals and a walkway made of lit Himalayan salt bricks. Optionally, the floor and ceiling can remain the same as in a traditional sauna.

Initiate the Healing Process

Customers and Spa owners gain are on win-win condition when halotherapy benefits are combined with other spa therapies and services. It has been confirmed and established in numerous clinical studies that regular salt therapy sessions can promote and increase the healing for a variety of respiratory and skin conditions. Additionally, feedback and success stories from loyal clients throughout the world have been collected and documented.

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