Dry Ageing with Himalayan Salt Bricks

Due to the numerous and countless health benefits of Himalayan salt bricks, they have been extensively used in food preparation, preservation, and manufacturing of daily products for years. During the past few years, Himalayan salt bricks are widely used for dry ageing meat instead of wrapping it in plastic bags to preserve the raw meat for a longer duration of time without losing its moisture and flavor. Despite being an old and primitive technique, dry ageing with Himalayan salt bricks still remains a popular and preferred method in the world because of its countless benefits that cannot be attained through any other process of meat preservation.

How to Dry Age Meat with Himalayan Salt Bricks?

Himalayan Salt dry age - Salt Bricks

The process of dry ageing meat usually takes place in a dry ageing chamber or room such as a refrigerator, a deep freezer, a cool room, or a self-created dry ageing room. The method of dry ageing meat, particularly beef, using Himalayan salt bricks is completed in the following steps:

  • Place the Himalayan salt brick into a dry ageing tray so that all the water is collected inside it.
  • Within an hour, the Himalayan salt brick will start pulling all the moisture out of the air accumulated within the dry ageing chamber by making the environment in the dry ageing room drier than before in order to speed up the dry ageing process.
  • After a few days, a puddle of water will be formed around the Himalayan salt brick. Pour off the water and place the salt brick back inside the dry ageing room.
  • The dry ageing chamber is generally enclosed properly having a controlled temperature and humidity level to speed up and carry out the dry ageing process in a proper manner.
  • Hang a small portion or the entire carcass of meat inside the dry ageing chamber for a certain period of time to enhance its flavor and freshness. A majority of people prefer to dry age their meat by hanging it for around 3 to 4 weeks.
  • As the meat is dry aged within the dry ageing room, enzymes present in meat break down its connective tissues lying between the muscle fiber. This process helps in keeping the dry aged meat juicy and tender.
  • The Himalayan salt bricks will help in eliminating unwanted and dangerous bacteria from the dry ageing chamber.
  • These Himalayan salt bricks will also assist in enhancing the flavor and tenderness of the dry aged beef or steak.
  • Himalayan salt bricks do not damage the walls of the dry ageing room unlike the other ordinary table salt that destroys the equipment if kept inside it for a long period of time.
Meat dry ageing with Himalayan Salt - Salt Bricks

    Benefits and Advantages of Dry Ageing Meat with Himalayan Salt Bricks

    Dry ageing meat using Himalayan salt bricks is a very easy, simple, and feasible process that not only consumes a lesser amount of time but also keeps the flavors of the dry aged meat intact. Some major benefits of dry ageing meat with Himalayan salt bricks are explained below in detail:

    1.     Reduction of Moisture

    Dry ageing meat, particularly beef steaks, with Himalayan salt bricks significantly contributes in reducing excess moisture as it is naturally absorbed by the salty chamber. Since air humidity is kept lower within the dry ageing room, the meat automatically imparts its moisture into this air.

    2.     Tenderized Meat

    The dry environment within the dry ageing chamber due to the presence of Himalayan salt bricks walls helps in promoting the desired chemical reaction taking place within the meat such as denaturing of meat’s protein fibers that play a vital role in tenderizing the meat to provide a heightened level of freshness and juiciness to the dry aged beef.

    3.     Anti-Microbial Meat

    Using Himalayan salt bricks within dry ageing chamber helps in creating a natural anti-microbial environment inside the room preventing the growth of hazardous bacteria and keeping the dry aged meat fresh for longer duration of time.

    4.     Creation of Unique Flavored Moist Beef Steaks

    Because of all the benefits of dry ageing meat with Himalayan salt bricks mentioned above, the beef steak retains its truly exquisite and unique flavor when prepared. This fresh, juicy, and tender beef steak can only be made through the unique process of dry ageing meat with Himalayan salt bricks. As opposed to dry ageing meat, the other processes like wrapping meat inside plastic bags, putting it directly in refrigerators and deep freezers after washing it, and cooking it fresh as soon as it is bought from the stores destroy the quality of meat by reducing its freshness, tenderness, and deliciousness due to the presence and absorption of moisture by the meat pieces. For this reason, dry ageing meat is indeed the best possible method to keep it long-lasting, fresh, and flavorful for a longer period of time without the presence of any bacteria, germ, or virus in it.

    Despite the recent advancement and innovation in food preparing and preserving techniques during the past few years, the ancient and unique technique of dry ageing meat with Himalayan salt bricks is still preferred by a majority of chefs, butchers, and meat manufacturing factories across the globe due to its widespread benefits. If you or your family members are fond of eating juicy, scrumptious, and mouth-watering beef steaks, dry age your meat with Himalayan salt bricks before cooking it to enjoy one of the most exquisite and exotic experiences of eating beef.

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